Blame it on the Rain: Elite Racing is ready to take on new track after weekend wash out

by Elite Racing PR
APRIL 19, 2011

April showers may bring May flowers, but to race fans that is no consolation when races are cancelled or postponed because of it. Not only does rain impact the fans, but it affects everyone in the racing world from the promoter to the driver who is ready to get on the track that night. As World of Outlaws Racing action was washed out at both Paducah International Raceway and I-55 Raceway, not only was there a bunch of disappointed fans, but the effects were felt by the whole Elite Racing team. After the wash out, driver and team co-owner Jason Meyers shared why rain may be one of the worst four-letter words out there.

Jason Blogs about the rain this weekend

The hardest part of having the rain out this weekend is the frustration I felt as a driver. In the morning, you wake up ready to race and get your game face on in anticipation of the race that evening. You get your adrenaline going and are keyed up ready to go, and then you are rained out. That may be the hardest part of it, especially when you are half way there. Then you have to spend the rest of the day finding a way to get rid of that adrenaline you had built up to go be competitive on the track.

Not only is it frustrating as a driver, but it also impacts the team on the business end. We do have to leave the shop at a certain time to make it there just in case we do race. The first day we were an hour into the drive when they called it. Then on Saturday we were half way to Pevely, Missouri when we got the call that we were not going to race.  You have a rig that is going up and down the road and when diesel is $4.25 per gallon, it is kind of tough.

Another bad part of rainouts is that you do not get the weekend “off” as some people may think. By the time we got back to the shop on Saturday it was nearly 5:00, so the day was shot. We spent the whole day loading and driving part way there and then part way back. You do not accomplish a thing, so that is another way that rain outs can be frustrating.

When we got back on Saturday night, since the day was gone, we all pitched in and had a team dinner. The only good thing that came out of this was getting to spend time with my family and having a home cooked meal instead of going to a restaurant.

We did get to spend a little extra time in the shop, but this is the time of year where you do not need to be there. We really need time on the racetrack right now. We have been developing some things at the start of the season, but you cannot develop them if you do not go to the race track. We have done all the work we can in the shop, so until we can go to the track and test it out, we cannot see if our developments work and we cannot go any further with them. It is tough, but then again, we never sit still.

We try to make every moment count, so I did spend some time with my wife Robyn and our daughters Delaney and Presley. On Sunday morning, we took the girls to the Indianapolis Children’s Museum.  It was actually pretty cool. I was talking to Corey Phillips who does our shocks and I mentioned to him that I needed to take the girls somewhere while we were here. He told me that we should go there, because it is one of the best out there. The kids were a little bit young for it, but it is a very neat place. In California, we have a museum for kids in San Francisco that is pretty cool, but in comparison the one in Indianapolis is huge. Delaney had fun, so therefore we had fun.  She really loved the Barbie collection they have and the carousel.

Up Next

This weekend the Elite Racing team will hopefully beat any leftover showers from last weekend as they travel to Salina, Oklahoma. Jason Meyers and the rest of the team will race on the high banked speedway, Saturday, April 23. Since Salina Highbanks Speedway, is new to the World of Outlaws schedule, there will be a thrilling race within a race to see who can adjust to the new track’s surface.  

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