J-5: Jason Meyers Celebrates his Fifth Consecutive Win at Fremont Speedway

by Elite Racing PR
OCTOBER 16, 2011

In meteorological terms, if Jason Meyers was a hurricane he would be categorized as an F-5 on the Fujita Scale. After winning his fifth consecutive race on the World of Outlaws Series schedule, a J-5 warning has been put out as the series wraps up the 2011 racing season. This weekend as the Elite Racing team blew into Fremont Speedway, they had a commanding lead in the championship standings and extended it going into the last three races of the season.

When racing action kicked off at Fremont Speedway, Meyers got to a fast start revolving the oval in 12.866 seconds in his #14 GLR Investments KPC and as a result set his 11th quick time this season. As a result, he currently leads the World of Outlaws in quick time awards this season.

After the dash, Meyers was lined up 3rd for the feature event.   At the drop of the green flag, Meyers got to the inside of Greg Wilson and by the time the first lap was in the books the 2010 World of Outlaws Champion had stepped up to second. Then the name of the game became how to track down leader Donny Schatz.

As the top-two started encountering lapped traffic, Meyers was able to close on the tail of the #15 car. During the clamor for position, Meyers led the 6th lap of the race before Schatz retook the top spot as the two sparred between lapped machines.  Meyers made one more charge in traffic on Lap 14 and was able to make it stick in his #14 DDNi KPC.

On the first restart on Lap 23, Tim Shaffer moved to second and tracked Meyers down. Shaffer ran on the tail of Meyers for several laps in traffic until he spun while trying to get around a lapped machine.

This set up a six lap dash for the win. As the field took the green for the final time, Meyers held on to the lead during the restart. Kerry Madsen would try to track Meyers down, but could not as the California Champion won the race by 2.818 seconds. This was Meyers 9th victory of 2011 and his 5th consecutive in the #14 MediaTile KPC.

“To be able to do what we have done lately has been unbelievable,” Meyers stated. “When you sit back and look at all the hard work the team has put in here on the road and everyone back at the shop like Charlie Garrett, Steve Kent, and Scott Hoofnagle that is why we are here today. We did not have a great start to the season, but they kept digging. Even though we have won four races in a row, we came here tonight and they kept working as hard we did at the beginning of the season. They want to win and to see it happen is really special. Carrillo, GLR Investments, MediaTile, DDNi, Allstar Performance, and everyone behind us are just a great team of supporters. That is what got us here and with three races left we are going to keep it up.”

“What is great about drivers like Donny Schatz is he races you clean. I got a pretty good run off of turn two and I saw the opportunity and took it. It paid off for us again tonight. The car was awesome again tonight and I didn’t have to wear it out to keep up with Donny. This streak has been amazing and to win 56 World of Outlaws main events is just very special. My crew chief, Brian, and his wife had a baby girl right before Knoxville this summer and she’s been out the past five races. She and her mom weren’t scheduled to go to Talladega but I think they’re going to have to go now.”

Up Next

Next weekend the Elite Racing team will be hitting the road and will be heading south to the Talladega Short Track. Even though they have not raced at the track since 2004, Meyers returns to the track as the race’s reigning champion. Can Meyers continue to create history and win six in a row?



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